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Most 15 Important Current Affairs MCQ As On 11 October 2023

Most 15 Important Current Affairs MCQ As On 11 October 2023

Current Affairs 2023 in English : Current Affairs MCQ As On 11 October 2023

Current Affairs is a crucial part of the preparation for various competitive entrance exams and government exams. With Current Affairs 2023, candidates preparing for exams such as UPSC, IAS, banking, SSC, and other government jobs can stay updated with current affairs in India and around the world.

Our Current Affairs 2023 in English page provides the latest information on Current Affairs 2023. Below, you can find Current Affairs 2023 in Hindi. Questions related to current affairs play a vital role in all competitive exams conducted in India, and it is essential for all aspirants to study current affairs daily.

Therefore, through this article, we bring to you a compilation of important questions and answers related to the daily current affairs of October 11, 2023. Through this daily current affairs article, we present questions and answers related to events happening daily in India and the world, including geographical, economic, political, and new initiatives.

Most 15 Important Current Affairs MCQ As On 11 October 2023

Time:- 8 Minutes

Q1. Tele-MANAS Initiative, which was launched recently, is associated with which field?  

(a). Child health

(b). Mental health

(c). Communicable Diseases

(d). Science and Technology

Ans: Mental health

Q2. Who is the head of the commission recently set up to examine the Scheduled Caste (SC) status for Converted Dalits?  

(a). Justice H L Dattu

(b). Justice Arun Kumar Mishra

(c). Justice K G Balakrishnan

(d). Justice T S Thakur

Ans: Justice K G Balakrishnan

Q3. Modhera, which was declared as India’s first 24×7 solar-powered village, is located in which state/UT?  

(a). Himachal Pradesh

(b). Gujarat

(c). Rajasthan

(d). Maharashtra

Ans: Gujarat

Q4. Which institution released the ‘Poverty and shared Prosperity 2022’ Report?  

(a). World Bank

(b). World Economic Forum

(c). International Monetary Fund


Ans: World Bank

Q5. As per UNICEF’s recent report, over 1 million people has displaced in which South East Asian Nation?  

(a). Afghanistan

(b). Myanmar

(c). Sri Lanka

(d). China

Ans: Myanmar

Q6. Which Formula One Racing driver won the 2022 Japanese Formula 1 Grand Prix on 9 October 2022?  

(a). Sergio Perez

(b). Charles Leclerc

(c). George Russell

(d). Max Verstappen

Ans: Max Verstappen

Q7. Which day is celebrated as the World Mental Health Day?  

(a). 10 October

(b). 09 October

(c). 15 October

(d). 08 October

Ans: 10 October

Q8. Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary, where leopards were spotted, is located in which state/UT?  

(a). Assam

(b). New Delhi

(c). West Bengal

(d). Jharkhand

Ans: New Delhi

Q9. The Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences 2022 was awarded to three scientists for their research in which field?  

(a). Behavioural Economics

(b). Global Poverty

(c). Quantitative Methods

(d). Banks and Financial Crises

Ans: Banks and Financial Crises

Q10. PM Narendra Modi declared ……. In Gujarat’s Mehsana Disrict as India’s first 24x7 solar-powered village on 9th Oct 2022.  

(a). Rampur

(b). Babra

(c). Modhera

(d). Amreli

Ans: Modhera

Q11. Which Union Ministry is associated with the ‘Credit Guarantee Scheme for Startups (CGSS)?  

(a). Ministry of Commerce and Industry

(b). Ministry of MSME

(c). Ministry of Finance

(d). Ministry of Home Affairs

Ans: Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Q12. World Post Day is celebrated on 9th Oct to highlight the importance of Postal Services in everyday lives of people. The theme for World Post Day 2022 is ..  

(a). Save Planet, Save Post

(b). Post for everyone

(c). Making Postal Services easier

(d). Post for Planet

Ans: Post for Planet

Q13. Which institution launched the ‘Education 4.0 India Report’?  

(a). WEF

(b). World Bank

(c). IMF


Ans: WEF

Q14. For the first time, a ‘Weapon System branch for officers’ has been approved for which Armed Force?  

(a). Indian Army

(b). Indian Navy

(c). Indian Coast Guard

(d). Indian Air Force

Ans: Indian Air Force

Q15. The 73rd Raising Day of the …… was celebrated on 9th October 2022.  

(a). Indian Coast Guard

(b). Indian Air Force

(c). Indian Navy

(d). Territorial Army

Ans: Territorial Army

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